When I Return [Isle 3]

The seclusion here is healing, even if it’s cold. Even dusting and sweeping the floors are pleasurable activities. I can exhale; the unwinding is palpable and there are very few intrusions into my life.

Review your life while you’re in a position to begin correcting and rewriting. What do you want to keep? Don’t ask what happened; ask yourself what you need in the moment.

The birds sing the world awake, and into existence  The geese go about whatever it is geese do, talking to each other.

Some thought of mine, some crunching step in the snow, can set the geese off loudly, although they have been well aware of my presence. I like to think they’re saying in goose language, or gull language, “Oh look, she’s here! She’s here!” It brings a smile to my face.

I can see so much further now. There’s so much that needs to be transformed. My weapons of war are laid down. I pick up the paintbrush, the pen, and the cooking utensils. I take my time when I can. I withhold my consent when I must.

Today I saw some snowdrops. I have a clearer vision of what to do when I return.

~ Pearl Grey, December 2018


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